Kenyon Kribz: But Where Can I Nap?

This Could Be You (via gettyimages)

We all know the story: you head back to your room after a long day of classes and maybe even an emotionally draining economics midterm. As you turn the key into the door, you realize it’s…unlocked. Your heart sinks. Your roommate is home! And they’re doing work! Like they’re entitled to do! As a considerate roommate, you don’t kick them out, but you are on the verge of a messy mental breakdown that might result in you marching to the registrar and mulliganning microeconomics immediately. You must nap. Here are some places you can do it:

Any Bathtub. Perhaps the most bed-like option on this list, this napping spot is moderately comfortable. Accidentally take an 8 hour nap and wake up just in time for your 9:40? You’re already in the shower! I prefer the tub available in the gender neutral bathroom on second floor McBride. If you choose this location, you might find yourself accompanied by crushed cans of Natty Light, expired jars of salsa, and broken toilets/sinks/showers.


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