10 o’clock list: Places at Kenyon Where Secret Hot Springs are Most Likely to be Located

Actual fictional photo of what is probably underneath the KAC (via idahohotsprings.com).

Kenyon in the evening is a mysterious place, old friends. As I am sure you have been told, the school holds secrets, stories tucked into the cracks of Old Kenyon, whispers huddled against the stones of the Gates of Hell. The quiet befits the legends, the night befits the hush.  And now as you wander, old friends, dear poets adrift in the evening still, watch where your midnight footsteps take you. Keep to the gravel of Middle Path, for do you know what lies beyond the well worn arteries of our beloved Alma Mater? All I can say is that I’ve seen through the Kokosing mist, and I know where all the secret hot springs probably are. Or at least where they should be. Or where they would be if the goddess was actually paying any attention to me at all.

  1. New Apts– In a perfect world, the New Apts ravine wouldn’t just be home to daddy long legs and juniors with high lottery numbers, the dreaded valley would also be home to hot springs.  During the winter, especially after a long walk home from the library, turning a wooded corner to see a steaming waterfall pooling in a secluded rocky nook would melt any icy heart. Continue reading