Kenyon Mythbusters: Headphone Ringing


 ipod_earbuds    Versus_sign                     RFID_Anti-Theft_Door_Gate_IC_Card_Reader_with_IR_Sensor

Sometime last year I walked through the anti-theft system, located at the entrance to the library, while wearing earbuds. I was immediately hit with a slight ringing sensation in my ears that lasted until I was at least a foot or two away from the device. I’ve noticed the problem with both earbuds and headphones alike, and I have finally decided to root out the cause of the ringing.  Continue reading

Kenyon Mythbusters–The Automated Library Shelves


It was a little like this

On the first floor of Chalmers Library all the way in the back, exists a set of automated shelves. To save space these shelves can move together and apart. They house old, little used books, as well as journals and other constantly updating publications. These shelves are mechanized and move back and forth with the push of a button. Yes, sounds a little dangerous doesn’t it, the possibilities for crushing enemies seem too great. But I had always heard that there existed a sensor system to prevent crushing. So I decided to check it out.

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Kenyon Mythbusters: Bookstore Window Art

Who painted those sunflowers?

Who painted those snappy sunflowers?

The Kenyon College Bookstore- a source of pride among students and admissions officers alike. It houses our precious textbooks for every semester, and many a novelty treasure to satisfy the wonder of your inner child. To top it off, the bookstore also boasts seasonally appropriate painted window art. But who paints this art? Well, that’s the topic of today’s thrilling edition of Kenyon Mythbusters.

Myth: The identity of the mysterious window painter. Who is the person responsible for the hand painted adornments? I turned to my fellow first-year peers with this exact question–read on for their responses and the truth. Continue reading

Kenyon Mythbusters: P.O. Box Assignments

Recently, the Thrill staff noticed something about our P.O. Box assignments. We’d always assumed the boxes were assigned strictly alphabetically and by class year, but we discovered that all of us have box mates of the same sex. So we checked with Cathy Kempton, who maintains student records in the Office of Housing and Residential Life. Are Kenyon’s P.O. Boxes in fact assigned according to sex?

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