What’s Happening at Weaver Cottage?

In this week’s issue of the Thrill, Kenyon’s oldest and most reputable investigative journal, I delve into the goings-on (or lack thereof) at Weaver Cottage this strange semester. Is anyone using it? Is someone living there? Can I live there? Can you live there? Is a goblin living there?

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Prospie Legends: What I Thought Kenyon Would Actually be Like


Having an older sibling attend Kenyon before me, the college has been a part of my life long before I had the pleasure of meeting any sort of Forbes or Fiske’s.  Although I grew up in a college town, visiting my brother as a sophomore, junior, and senior in high school were my first real interactions with formalized education as an institution/no parents, No Rules. I managed, over a period of a few years, to visit for probably a solid (non-consecutive) week-and-a-half. This also means that I never have been on an official, honest to goodness, prospective-students-come-bring-ya-parents-you-can-hold-this-Kenyon-themed-umbella-if-it’s-raining campus tour. So therefore, my knowledge of Kenyon before coming was extensive if not extremely specific and incredibly subjective to my brothers’ activities on campus. So here are some of the things I took for granted as being 100% true of absolutely ALL Kenyon students as a prospie. Continue reading