Kenyon Pets: Stout the Pug


Pug-a-boo, we see you…(photo courtesy of Patrick Bottiger)

This week, we have the extreme pleasure of featuring Stout the Pug as one of many notable Kenyon Pets on Campus. Belonging to Professor Bottiger of the History department, this precious little four-legged burrito is a longstanding member of the underground and yet very much so visible Curly Tail Army of Kenyon College (the only other known member of which being Heppy and Alf the Pugs, whose profiles can be found here and here).

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Kenyon Pets: Heppy the Pug


Look at this furry loaf of bread!

Heppy is a fairly new face on campus, belonging to Professor Schoenfeld of the English Department. He can be occasionally found scampering around in Lentz House during office hours, wagging his tail and gnawing on miscellaneous bone-like objects. Check out Heppy’s exclusive interview after the jump!

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Kenyon Pets: Titus the Bee

This is a bee. His name is Titus.

This is a bee. His name is Titus.

It all began when a simple bee flew in a window and into the Coke can of Lane Yates, ’18. Little did either of them imagine that they had begun a friendship of epic proportions. But so they had. The bee was named Titus, and his personality was staggering. Normally, Kenyon Pets features an interview with the pet itself, however in the interest of accuracy in journalism, I feel it necessary to note that Titus himself could not be present, as Yates, (at the prompting of Casey Harner, also ’18) had set his buzzing buddy free. Notwithstanding, stories like that of Titus are worthy of being shared. I sat down with Yates to learn more about their unlikely bond.

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Kenyon Pets: Henry the Frenchie

He may be a French Bulldog but this pup doesn't have any French snark, only French amour!

He may be a French Bulldog but this pup doesn’t have any French snark, only French amour!

Henry, the French Bulldog owned by Ryan Stewart ’08, the Director of Class Giving. Henry is a black French bulldog who adores attention and blue rubber balls. You’ve probably seen this adorable dog at his favorite spot on campus, Middle Path. Learn more about Henry after the jump!

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Kenyon Pets: Zora the Koke

IMG_6637 IMG_6676Zora belongs to the family of Conor Tazewell ’15, and like any good Tazewell, she’s dedicated to the a cappella scene. Paving the way for women and dogs alike, Zora has just become the first female newbie in the previously all-male a cappella group, The Kokosingers. She’ll be snappin’ and groovin’ her thang up in Rosse in no time, but for now, let’s get to know more about this big name on campus.

Check out Zora’s answers to our pressing a cappella questions after the jump!

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Kenyon Pets: Charlie the Pit Bull

Don't pretend this isn't the cutest fucking thing you've ever seen.

Don’t pretend this isn’t the cutest fucking thing you’ve ever seen.

Charlie is new on the Kenyon Pets scene, but chances are you’ve seen him trotting his way down middle path these past few days. He belongs to Stella Ryan-Lozon ’13 and Kale Barber ’16, who have been fostering dogs for the past year. While all of their foster dogs have gone on to find successful and loving homes, something about Charlie charmed them, and he’s now a permanent resident on campus. In a way, he’s just like all the other first-years. So we asked him some classic first-year questions. Check out his answers after the jump!

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