Kenyon Pets: Pterodactyl the Laser-Chasing Betta Fish

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.51.27 PM.png

he sees u

This is Pterodactyl. He is a betta fish of an unknown age belonging to Jen Cabiya ’18. As you can see, he is red. He is also very cool. He lives in a ten-gallon tank complete with an aerator, some nice blue rocks, a plastic diver’s helmet (for hiding), a sign that says “BEWARE SHARKS! NO SWIMMING” (to showcase his great sense of humor), and some mini roman pillars (because he’s a classy, well-learned lil’ dude). Of course, there’s more to this little aquatic demon than what meets the eye. Be prepared to meet the most talented fish to ever attend this fine liberal arts institution. Take it away, Pterodactyl!

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Kenyon Pets: My Guinea Pigs !!!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 9.35.13 AM.png

These are my kids. They are better than your kids do your kids shriek in the morn I didn’t think so

Hello, Kenyon. Did you know I have dogs? Well, I do. I (Caitlin March ’19) have two of them. Their names are Polka and Dot. Polka is that small brown one that looks like an angry potato and Dot is that chubby white one with her little baby hand extended into the light as if she’s about to reach for your very soul. They came into my life over the summer and now they are here. This is their story.

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Kenyon Pets: Gracie the Yellow Lab

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 2.03.12 PM.png

Look at this angel !

People of Kenyon, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce your dog-loving souls to the most perfect child to ever walk the Earth. This, my good friends, is Gracie Klein, the happiest, wiggliest, slobberiest yellow lab to ever honor us with her presence.

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Kenyon Pets: Caples Kittens

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.59.09 PM

Holy Fucking Shit! ~via Jen Cabiya (thanks, roomie !!!)


Holy moly! Look at these lil critters. These, my good pals, are the infamous Caples Kittens! I’m sure you’ve heard of them and/or seen them already, and if you haven’t, I am not certain where you have been, but it must not have been a good time because clearly there were no Caples kittens. Please peruse this catalog of their lives so far. There will be information on their backstories, personalities, and theories about their hopes/dreams. They are the best, and they truly deserve all of your love.

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Kenyon Pets: Stout the Pug


Pug-a-boo, we see you…(photo courtesy of Patrick Bottiger)

This week, we have the extreme pleasure of featuring Stout the Pug as one of many notable Kenyon Pets on Campus. Belonging to Professor Bottiger of the History department, this precious little four-legged burrito is a longstanding member of the underground and yet very much so visible Curly Tail Army of Kenyon College (the only other known member of which being Heppy and Alf the Pugs, whose profiles can be found here and here).

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