Kenyon Pets: Mason the Hillel Tibetan Terrier

Now that’s enthusiastic consent.

If you wander into Hillel (perhaps in fruitless pursuit of bagels), one of the first things you’ll notice is a small fluff winding its way around your heels. Upon closer observation you’ll see that this fluff is actually Mason, the Tibetan Terrier of Marc Bragin, Jewish Chaplain at Hillel House. Learn more about Mason, and see more pictures, after the jump!

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Kenyon Pets: Bam Bam the Crozier Cat

Photo by the phantasmagoric Ally Schmaling '14

Bam Bam, first seen about three or four years ago wandering around as a kitten, has become a Crozier staple, and is always up for a chat on the porch or a snooze in the sun. He has no owner and no clear origins, but makes up for this with his extra toe. Learn more about this man of mystery (and see more photos) after the jump!

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Kenyon Pets: Alf the Anthropology Pug

If you were to venture over to Palme House and clamber up the windy stairs, you would be enthusiastically greeted by a small ball of snuffles. Alf the pug belongs to Professors of Anthropology Ed Schortman and Pat Urban and is perhaps one of the most adorably docile and dopey dogs you will ever have the good fortune to almost trip over. Learn more after the jump!

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