Kenyon Quiz: How to Tell if Last Weekend’s DFMO is Following You

It’s the same old song and dance that happens every weekend. You strut out of class, fling your backpack on the ground, and religiously throw back shots until you’re on the floor talking to your rug. (At least, this is what I assume of-age people do. I wouldn’t know. I’m not 21. Hi, Mom!). Then, brimming with confidence, a night of reckless decision-making awaits you, and you end up making out with a face you’ve never seen before while Avicii, and possibly your roommate, bumps and grinds around you. You emerge the next day, ready to shake the memory of this Dance Floor Make Out (DFMO) away with an omelet, but then you See. Them. Everywhere.

Are they following you, or are you just noticing them for the first time? Take this handy quiz to find out:

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