Party Etiquette 101: The Perfect Guest

Kamp Kenyon is not an Open Bar, contrary to popular belief…

As a former resident of the Craclands, I can attest to my fair share of individuals arriving at the front door, eager for an alcoholic refreshment of some sort, and shortly there after, beeline-ing it towards both refrigerators (Beer Fridge and Big Fridge) in the kitchen. Umm … okay … first off, do I know you? Have we interacted with one another at some point on this close-knit campus? If not, your face should be eager to meet my face and not the opening of a cold Keystone (at least, not yet). The Keystone so kindly provided by my housemates and me. Free of charge.

Whether you’re a first year or a senior, manners matter. Fortunately for all y’all, The Thrill is here to help with a GIF-filled refresher on party etiquette. More after the Jump! Continue reading