This Week’s Kenyon Throwback: The Grab N’ Go, May It Rest in Peace

Hello, whippersnappers and fellow upperclassmen, and welcome to the first ever Kenyon Throwback.  For some of you, this will be like a stroll down memory lane; for others, a dusty piece of Kenyon lore; and for a few (I’m looking at you, young’uns), about as relevant as cassette tapes and floppy discs.  This week’s throwback is for the seniors out there, but rest assured, there will be many a post for students of all years to get the warm and fuzzies about.

Sometimes convenience is better than quality.  This was the unofficial slogan of the now defunct “Grab N’ Go,” a North Campus dweller’s answer to laziness the winter months when Peirce and Middle Ground were just too far to be worth the walk.  Now a lounge and study space, the Grab N’ Go was an underground haven in the depths of Gunderworld.  Now it resides in the seniors’ faint memories of freshman year along with the Milks.  It was great for those days when I felt like holing up in my Lewis dorm room rather than trekking to the socially vibrant Peirce.  For those of you who wanted three PB&Js but were discouraged by the finicky process of spreading six slices of bread with peanut butter and jelly (bread can be such a hassle) and crossing the servery 10 times between the jelly and peanut butter stations, the Grab N’ Go had your back.  Want three turkey wraps?  Go for it.  Hell, take another while you’re at it.  That wrap isn’t going bad anytime soon, may as well stock up.

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