Kenyon-Specific Apps We Need Because We Are Lazy and Exhausted


Kenyon is a bizarrely difficult place to be sometimes, and these apps would make our lives just a little bit easier. Scientific computing concentrators! Do you exist? Can you make these for us?

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Kenyon Mad Libs: A Short Biography of Phil Chase

Kenyon Mad Libs: A Short Biography of Phil Chase

Heyo! It’s staff baby Tyler “Mayonnaise on the Side” Raso ’19 here, bringing you a Kenyon College Mad Lib!

What is a Mad Lib?

A) “A phrasal template word game where one player prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story” (Wikipedia) (((that’s an MLA citation)))

B) My Sad Childhood

C) Not the sequel to Mad Max which catalogs the dystopic adventures of Max’s long-estranged twin sister, Lib

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The Kenyon Thrill Presents: Kenyon Kandids

The Kenyon Thrill Presents: Kenyon Kandids

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Have you ever wanted to have #kandid pics of you and your pals featured on a Kenyon-themed news blog? Well, you’re in luck because The Thrill has just started a new segment called Kenyon Kandids! Each week, we’ll kollect a bunch of kandids, post them on our website, and share them with the kommunity! But here’s the katch: your photo will be accompanied by a group of generic, fake photos we pulled from various Kenyon Bookstore products. It’s up to the rest of the kampus to guess which photo is the real #KenyonKandid! Let’s see if YOU’RE up to the challenge!

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Kenyon Gets Sexy

co-written with Annie Blackman

Kenyon’s back in full swing, the weather is still beautiful, and something is in the air. We’re all young and stressed and hormonal. Whether or not you’ve fallen victim to the Fall of Heartbreaks, you never know if or when you might have the ol’ shang-a-lang coming your way. And what better way to show your school spirit and impress your partner than by trying out some new ideas you found on a blog linked from your Facebook news feed?

Here’s some Kenyon originals.

  • The Bushnell Double– Or for the more adventurous, the Bushnell Triple.
  • The B-Fuck– The BFEC is a lot like sex. It’s dirty, beautiful, easy to get lost in, and takes several hours to get through. Don’t make your roommate get out! Treat your partner to a hike they’ll never forget, and get a good workout going.
  • Leonard’s Back Door– Much nicer than you’d think.


  • Market Dog– Come by after summer hours. It’s cheap, good for a break between study sessions, and surprisingly tasty.
  • Package Notification– “The bookstore might hold packages for three days, but you can hold mine as long as you like.” Nothing is more exciting and intimate than sending this spicy email out to your partner two to three days before you’d like to shang the lang.


  • The CDO– Great for getting fucked in the future. Plus, unhelpful tips to please your partner.
  • Church Basement– I just had a friend who was really insistent on including this one. You really don’t have to do it but, he really wanted me to put it in this article. So. Um. You really don’t have to do it.


Which Kenyon Building Are You?


Hello, everyone it is I, the Quiz Goblin! I’ve made a quiz for any and all of us who have ever asked the question, “If I was a structure on this campus, what structure would I be, and why?” And haven’t we all been there?

10 o’clock list: Kenyon Acts of Kindness (KAKs)

Image result for cartoon of kindness

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Idk ’bout u, but since the presidential election I’ve been feeling pretty impotent. Of course, there’s a million and three ways to help out: organize/attend rallies, protests, volunteer at or donate to the ACLU/Planned Parenthood/many other places, call the White House ((202) 456-1111), your Senator/Representative…

I was talking to my mom the other night and told her that I don’t know what else I can do to make things better. She said she doesn’t really know either, but she’s trying to be kinder to everyone because at this point, pretty much, she’s assuming everyone she meets is going through a harder time than usual. So, inspired by my good ol’ mom, here are some ways to be kind and immediately impact Kenyon peeps (not to be confused with Kenyon PEEPS). Take them, leave them, call them moralistic/prescriptive/artificial. But do it kindly.

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