The Friday Ketchup


Hey. Its about that time again. Condiment time. Its been a week so it’s here again. I missed seeing you guys, and I hope it was a good week full of great times. It’s the Friday Ketchup. (Not to be confused with the Monday Catchup. Clarity. The Thrill is about CLARITY.)

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Easter Egg Hunt: Beer Can Edition

keystone head pic

Basket lovingly “borrowed” from the Kenyon Collegian office. Keystone courtesy of some drunk idiot.

If you celebrated Easter as a kid, you probably have fond memories of joyfully scouring your backyard for bright pastel eggs. Easter morning at Kenyon is just like that, except instead of eggs hidden with love by Mom, your prize is a bunch of half-empty beers flung around campus by dummies who were too busy celebrating Newman Day to find a trash can. Don’t get jaded, though — incorporate a cheery Easter basket and a can-do spirit, and hunting down dented cans will feel exactly like the good old Easters of yore.

Read on for a special Easter treat, brought to you by gratuitous littering and Keystone Light (“Keyster Egg Hunt?” LOL, puns.)

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