Kenyon Klexicon: Y is for Young Writers

Of course every good Kenyon student has heard of the Kenyon Review. But did you know they host a summer camp every year for aspiring writers? Come to Gambier in late-June or mid-July and you will see students everywhere, notebook and pen in hand, aimlessly wandering campus trying to find some inspiration amongst the trees (unless it is 10:07 a.m., then all of them will be in line at Wiggins).

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Kenyon Klexicon: W is for Weaver Wednesday

Ah, Wednesdays.


Oh, I think we all know the answer, Mr. Camel.

I remember being in high school and hearing all about the fabled “hump-day”. It was an alluring concept: college kids going out and partying on Wednesday nights, regardless of classes the next day. Sure, getting belligerently drunk and showing up to class the next day with a massive hangover is so much fun, but it can get pretty tiring. Have no fear; “Weaver Wednesday” is here! This Klexicon entry  is dedicated to the place you can go when you decide it’s about time you show up to your 8:10 on Thursday.

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Kenyon Klexicon: R is for Ralston House


To the very west of campus lies a building nestled and hidden behind trees and houses alike. It’s dark red exterior with white  The House itself holds a lot of Sociology professor’s offices, while the classroom is where most of the learning happens. And although it’s nice, it is far. Like, you have to plan your whole day around making a trip to Ralston.

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Kenyon Klexicon: Q is for QR


This could be you next year (via

Registration is coming on fast, so it’s about time we all sit back and remind ourselves about the best part of Kenyon: it’s a liberal arts college that allows us to get a rounded education across various disciplines. But it’s also the time when everyone is rudely awakened a not-so-nice aspect of Kenyon: that it makes us get a well-rounded education across various disciplines. Thought you’d be skipping out on math and science in college because now you’re a Big Shot English Major™ who will only ever need math to count out the syllables in your iambic pentameter or estimate the massive amount of royalties you’ll earn on your first book? Think again! To prepare you for the real world, every Kenyon student it required to satisfy diversification requirements, the most difficult of these (at least for the less mathematically inclined arts, humanities, or social science major) being the .5 quantitative reasoning (QR) credit required for all students.

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