Klexicon Entry: O is for Old Side

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I’ll be honest: apart from today, the last time I had eaten in Old Side was during Orientation Week, and that was simply because it was physically closer to the servery/I felt too self-conscious eating under the watchful gaze of the bird etchings on the New Side windows. Now, I find myself too self-conscious to enjoy the beautiful stained glass windows and circa 1929 Gothic Revival architecture of Old Side, simply because I have been told that their is some sort of Mean Girls-style seating arrangement, only specifically reserved for different athletic teams and Greek organizations.

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Kenyon Klexicon: N is for Nuge

Before President D-Cat was selected for the Kenyon presidency by Board of Directors for winning a game of Jenga (I’m assuming that’s how all high ranking college offices are awarded right?), there was another leader of our school.  She now spends most of her days expanding her nationwide tunnel system and advocating for lowering the drinking age, but before that S. Georgia Nugent was president of Kenyon for a full decade. Though just a hazy memory to some, and just downright unknown to many, she is referred to by Kenyon students as the Nuge.

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Kenyon Klexicon: M is for Mather

This is the nice looking one, by the way.

This is the nice looking one, by the way.

As of today, February 16th 2015, there are exactly two Mather buildings on this campus. Legend has it that there was a third member of the Mather clan, Philip Mather, former home of the Chemistry department before it was torn down in 2001. Rest in pieces, Pmather. That really doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as Smather does…maybe that’s why they got rid of it.  Continue reading

Kenyon Klexicon: K is for Krud


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Gather ’round, children, and I will tell you about the Great Krud Epidemic of 20-everyyearbeginninginNovember.

Yes, that’s right: every single academic year, the students at Kenyon College would become ill with a disease that was not quite as severe as the flu, not quite as mild as the common cold, and not quite severe enough to excuse anyone from classes: The Krud. Continue reading

Klexicon Entry: J is for Jaywalking

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Let’s be honest – we’ve all done it. Underneath the flawless facade that Kenyon cultivates and keeps, we’re all little rule breakers.  The crosswalk is only a short distance away, but it’s just so much easier to cross here, right in the middle of the road. It’s technically illegal, but in a little place like Gambier, it doesn’t really matter. People jaywalk in even busier places like New York City or Los Angeles, so cutting a corner on Gaskin Avenue every once isn’t really that bad.

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