Kenyon Kanye

As we all know, Kanye West’s tweets say a lot about the human condition. More specifically, his tweets really relate to the Kenyon condition. Kenyon and Kanye – Kenye, if you will – are a match made in heaven. Look, if this needs to be explained to you, you’re not on Kanye’s level.



President Decatur and Kanye West have more in common than you’d think

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Kenyon Side Projects: P.F. Kluge and Doug Givens

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This interview was conducted and recorded by Janie Simonton ’15.

In 1999, P.F. Kluge and Doug Givens embarked on what they refer to as the “Knox County Motocross.” What began as simply driving the perimeter of the county, turned into an adventure that’s lasted almost sixteen years.

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Senior Soiree: Expectations vs. Reality


Soiree was on Saturday night, and everyone went into it with preconceived notions passed down by seniors prior. As Summer teaches us, what you expect is never how it really is. Put on The Smiths and see how things really unfolded.*


  • Senior A — Don’t know what I’m gonna wear, but know I’m gonna get wasted.
  • Senior B — Classy and trashy.
  • Senior C — I will find the perfect dress that makes me feel both like an emerging adult and like a child at heart and I will dance the night away.
  • Senior D — “Oh my god I’m so excited but this year is going by so fast! / HELP SATAN FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK SATAN AAAAAAHH I DON’T WANT TO DIE”
  • Senior E — “mayeb i will get blisters on my feet but food and fun and friends are worth it i think”
  • Senior F — Moist and mighty, like Moaning Myrtle’s last stand.
  • Senior G — I expect Soiree to be like an Inaugural Ball: I am Michelle Obama, and Beyonce is serenading me, and being “escorted out” by “campus safety” for “stripping” will never change that.
  • Senior H — OMG. Soiree has all the elements of a popular story. It reeks of all-Americanness, tension and drama. It has romance. Pretty dresses. Dancing. Limos. College. Coming of age. I can’t wait for senior soiree. 
  • Senior I — I will walk into the room and it will be a Hermione-at-the-Yule-Ball-esque moment and everybody will see me in a different light and be like wow, I wish I had never written that mean thing on her Thrill article. [Ed. Hi, Kate. xoxo, Emma.]


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President Decatur’s First Day at Kenyon

Well, it’s official. President Decatur (nickname pending) is one of us. This video features President Sean Decatur’s first day at Kenyon where he is joined by an all-star cast of Kenyon faculty that help to usher him into his new position. Watch him get quizzed on Kenyon trivia, hear his eloquent words on his feelings regarding Kenyon, and observe him interacting with Kluge. Welcome, President Decatur.

Uphill/Downhill: Kenyon Unique & Kenyon Internet

A week and a half to go before Spring break, get that paper done, study for that exam and just power through.

Uphill: Kenyon Unique — If you don’t know, Kenyon Unique is a lecture series that started this year that features Kenyon Professors. This weekend it will feature P.F. Kluge and I could not be more excited. As someone who has gotten to enjoy his off-the-cuff remarks for the last 2 years, I can guarantee this is going to be amazing. If you decide not to go at least reconsider based on this poster he deemed “bad-ass” and something the Bookstore should “keep up forever.”

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