10 o’clock list: Top 5 Public Bathrooms on Campus

Tired of dragging yourself around campus, desperately seeking the best place to answer nature’s call? We’ve got you. Forget the Farr Hall bathroom and its sad, echoey hallway of doom. Forget Gund Gallery and its loud, scary automatic hand driers. Forget every injustice those other bathrooms have ever committed against you; don’t settle for anything less than the best. Check out which ones made the cut this year! [Ed. — We covered this highly newsworthy topic for the first time last February, but interestingly enough, the top 5 are completely different this time around. Bathroom beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.]

1. Timberlake House, for “The Conceptual Plant-Feather-Quill Thing in The Corner.”

timberlake 1

This is the weirdest, best bathroom object ever. Extra points for the free-standing toilet paper holder: that’s some Restoration Hardware-status home décor right there. Continue reading