Kenyon: Sober is Se(really hard I hate it)xy

This is a feelings heart post that was really gross and not fun to write because I think that feelings are gross.

I used to be more fun. I don’t mean that in a self deprecating way. I really did used to be more fun. The prospect of going out and drinking was exciting and bopping between different NCA’s and New Apts was the greatest. I loved weekends and I loved the way I got to ebb and flow with the crowd- but I don’t get to drink anymore. (CRIES OF INDIGNATION AS THE CROWD FUCKING LOSES IT.)

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10 o’clock List: 4 Replacement Supplement Questions for Kenyon’s Common App


Q — Have you ever had one of these? V. v. imp.

I’m all for getting rid of Kenyon’s supplement questions. I hate when things are hard and I answered those questions using every part of my brain and my body. But I thought that the best part of those questions  was the opportunity  to show your personality. Hey but sometimes you gotta let some things change. Don’t fight the tide. Go with the flow. HAHA but I can’t do that. Change is dumb and scary, so if the reason for getting rid of those questions was due to their staleness, here are some alternate suggestions, just so we can keep the tradition alive, make me feel more comfortable, and keep wormy weirdos from getting into our Kool-Aid, okay?

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Is Your Ass a Target? BFEC Advice for Keeping Your Butt Bulletproof

deer face

Will this be you?

Earlier this week the BFEC released an email via student-info reminding students to be safe during hunting season. While initially this seemed like a reasonable warning–especially for those who lack familiarity with the post-Thanksgiving Bambush (indeed, that is a combination of Bambi and ambush)–some of the suggestions were a bit unusual. Read on for our analysis:

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