Weekend Playlist: K-pop for K-Town, Part II


EXID from their Ah Yeah music video

안녕하세요, everybody, and welcome back to another installment of the Weekend Playlist with a Lovely Korean Twist! That’s right, I’m back and better than ever. In case you missed the first one, you’re welcome. This installment has some great new features, including (but not limited to) – Double the strong feelings about biases! Five times the dance intensity! Cool, new hairstyles that’ll have you screaming “WOW, FANTASTIC BABY!” And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite- a guaranteed, officially recorded 20043803 more slow motion zoomed shots of assorted female body parts!

In all seriousness, I’ve got some good stuff for you today. Hold onto your britches, buster, because it’s about to get WILD in here.

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Weekend Playlist: K-Pop for K-Town

One of my best kept secrets if you don’t know me very well, until recently, is my affinity for K-pop. I’m one of those, “If you name a genre, I’ll tell you 5 bands in it that I enjoy” people. My induction into the world of Hallyu was recent, but swift and effective. Once you’re hooked even just a little bit, you’re hooked. I’d like to say it’s a guilty pleasure, but I’m definitely not guilty about it. Despite the objectively questionable vocal talent of many Korean pop idols, they all work extremely hard to entertain. If there’s anything I respect, it’s good work ethic. But in the end, it’s just fun as hell to watch and listen to, especially if you follow a group closely and get to know the members. So, start your weekend off right and take a gander at some of these killer K-pop music videos.

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