In the Sticks: Student Laptop Decor

Who doesn’t love technology? If you’re reading this, you probably do (unless you’re a glutton for punishment, growing angrier and angrier with every article you click on, slowly descending into a dark, black pit of fiery rage.) Kenyon students love their laptops, and you’d be surprised at how different all those travelling metal devices can look. Here are just a few examples of some tricked out laptops on campus.



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10 o’clock list: 5 Ways To Make Your Laptop Theft-Proof

This sneaky sleeve hides your lappy in plain sight... in Mexico.

This sneaky sleeve hides your lappy in plain sight… if you happen to be in Mexico.

In light of recent events, including the theft of three laptops from Olin on Tuesday, I’ve begun toiling over the idea of being suddenly separated from my baby. And by baby I mean my Macbook. I mean, how would I write my essays or gather sources for my research paper if somebody swiped my laptop? Do you know how many sentimental photos and unreleased hip-hop singles  I’ve got on there? Too many to count. That’s why we should seriously consider beefing up the security on our prized (and pricey!) possessions. While some of these serious tips might be more expensive than others, a $30 lock or app is a lot cheaper than the cost of replacing a $1000 laptop. So let’s get down and dirty with 5 ways to make your laptop virtually theft-proof.

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