Last Call Food Cart Is Back

From left to right: Logan Rhyne (brother), Claire Dutton ’14 (employee) and Jordan Rhyne ’13 (owner)

After a summer of drunkenly eating whatever was left in your parents’ fridge, the return of the Last Call Food Cart is manna from heaven. First years may not have experienced a 1:00 a.m. quesadilla, but I know you’ve experienced the crushing disappointment of getting to Old Kenyon and seeing a pile of empty pizza boxes (Is that just me?). With a brand new menu, the Cart is expecting this year to be even more successful than last.

After selling out of their 100% Ohio beef burgers last weekend at the DKE party, they’re testing out their new menu tomorrow on Middle Path during regular lunch and dinner hours. They’re hoping to be open once a weekend outside of a large all-campus party, but the best way to keep up with them is through their Facebook page.

10 o’clock list: Adventures in Late Night Dining

Tonight’s 10 o’clock list was written by Reilly Brock ’12, resident of the Kenyon College Food Coop and chef/co-owner of the Last Call Food Cart.

Working the food cart has given me a new perspective on Kenyon’s nightlife. For the first time since those awkward freshman pilgrimages to Aclands (where someone’s friend’s sorority sister was having a party, or so we had heard), I was spending a lot of time sober around very drunk people. Naturally, this means Jordan and I were in a unique position to observe some pretty absurd things. Here is a rundown of some of the more colorful stories from Last Call Food Cart’s first semester:

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Made in Peirce: Mastering the Panini Press

Photo by Greg Sailor ’08

Reilly Brock ’12, resident of the Kenyon College Food Coop and chef/co-owner of the Last Call Food Cart, is guest authoring this post. 

Skilled Peirce chefs hit the panini press like the football team hits the weights, replacing the “Ka-thud-thud” of dropped dumbbells with the sizzle of onions on the press’s ribbed iron surface. The panini press is essential to a well-made Peirce meal, as it’s the only real heating agent available to the student chef. The panini press allows you to melt any Peirce ingredients into a party of flavor. The standards, of course, are quesadillas and hot sandwiches, but why stop there? Break up the monotony of typical press fare with these two recipes (after the jump).

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We here at The Thrill are all about the judgment of others (also, puns).  Life on the Hill has its ups and downs, so why not mark that with our newest weekly feature? Introducing: Uphill/DownhillAnd what better day to debut Uphill/Downhill than on Humpday?

Uphill: The opening of Nite Bites Cafe. This is going to totally revolutionize dining at Kenyon.  I mean, where else can I get at smoothie at 1:30 in the morning?  Hook me up with delivery and I’m sold. When I’m slaving away at the computer working on the Collegian at 2:00 a.m. on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning, the greasy quesadillas at the Cove don’t cut it. (Editor’s note: Mac and cheese wedges!)

Downhill: The last day of Last Call Food Cart was this past weekend.  When Nite Bites isn’t open and I want to grab myself a Nuge, there’s nothing I can do.  Then again, with the imminent blistering cold snap, I don’t think I’m going to want to go outside for anything.  I may have to resort to drinking myself into a stupor in a dorm room rather than at an Old Kenyon basement party.