Ebrius Scriptum Latine (Drunk Texts in Latin)

Ad vitam paramus. Via elbuenvivir.tk


It was late one Saturday night when I sent a text to my friends to rally them to The Cove. Little did I know, the goddamn Cicero of drunk texting was lurking somewhere behind four drinks and about to make his debut. Instead of Let’s Cove, my text read, Leta Comice. Not crucial to this epiphany was the fact that I don’t speak a word of latin. Also unimportant, is that this text wasn’t actually in latin. But hey, who cares? You? Thrill non supra grammaticos?Blow me. What is this, Iron Age Italy or just the Classics Department picnic? That’s what I thought.  

  • “Probo fornicor?” Let’s fuck? Otherwise known as the Antiquus Vocatio Bootius (The Classic Booty Call).

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Imagining Latin Language Table

"Friends, Romans, countrymen... I am really sick of the sweet potato fries. Can't we get steak fries again?"

“Friends, Romans, countrymen… I am really sick of the sweet potato fries. Can’t we get steak fries again?”

This post was co-written by Claire Berman ’16 and Natasha Preston ’17.

Language tables can be the worst thing about taking an Intensive Introduction to Language class here at Kenyon. An hour of awkward small talk with your classmates and professor, where you can only really talk about the weather (but only so long as it’s raining or snowing–you forgot all the other vocabulary), colors, or how many animals are metaphorically in a location. It seems sort of unfair that Latin shouldn’t have to have the same awkward experience. We think it would go something like this…

12:01: One overeager student, Lucius, arrives to the table. Is disappointed that he is the only one there. Begins translating lines of Virgil for fun and pleasure.

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