Roommate Ice Breakers


Just two pals about to start the journey of a lifetime.

You made it! You are at a college where real human professors teach the real human you! Unfortunately, this means you have to interact with your real human peers, and sometimes even LIVE with them in the same ROOM. If the presence of other fleshy meat puppets cause you discomfort and/or spontaneous hair growth, you’re not alone. That sad fact is that living with another FunStudentFriend is required of most first years. Rooming with other people is hard (just ask my seven live-in orthodontists) and can be awkward at first, but with these handy-dandy tips, you’ll befriend your roommate in no time!

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Fall Fashion: Leather at Every Price Point

Leather is ubiquitous. Just ask Kanye West, he’s been all about a leather jogging pant since day one. However, if you are not busy poppin’ tags like A$AP Rocky or simply cannot afford an “investment” piece from Rick Owens (I put investment in quotes because is this truly attainable?), it can prove to be difficult to incorporate leather into your daily wardrobe. See more after the jump for all the leather Kim Kardashian could ever hope to wear!

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