Quick n’ Easy Fall Decorations

Hey, it’s that one picture! (via kenyon.edu)

October is among us, which can only mean one thing – Halloween! The only way you can be sure to have a happy October is to decorate your dorm accordingly. Now, you can always go to Walmart and pick up some easy peasy, pre-assembled tricks and treats,  but that’s not fun. So here are some quick and fun and definitely sanitary decorations. Continue reading

Kenyon Krafts: Homage to Autumn


Baby come back


We all know that fall is the prettiest time of year in Gambier, Ohio. The hard sharp leaves, the insects in unexpected places, the constant fight for survival against bloodthirsty skeleton hordes: what’s not to love? Unfortunately, it’s April right now. April, the month where the sun is acting like a total goober and shining everywhere, turning fragile folds of skin into crunchy pink husks, melting perfectly good dirt-igloos into dirt-puddles. Where am I supposed to sleep now, Sun? In a bed? Cloth chafes my tender neck pustules and irritates my ichthyosis. So in this time of need, when the icy caress of late fall is a mere fantasy, I took it upon myself to be crafty and create an homage to autumn. And you can too!

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10 o’clock list: Worst Things About Fall at Kenyon

We hear so much these days about how beautiful Kenyon is. In fact, if you Google image search Kenyon College, almost everything that comes up is a picturesque scene of happy students walking through Middle Path in autumn, leaves fluttering around them as they stroll merrily to their dorm, a fringed scarf draped casually and stylishly around their neck. But is Kenyon really as idyllic in fall as our pamphlets and tour guides claim? Aren’t there those little things about Fall that really just get to you? Luckily for you, I am here to ruin your beautiful Kenyon autumn. Here are the worst things about Kenyon in the fall:

  1. Weddings — Everyone wants to be married in Kenyon in fall because it’s so damn pretty, and much as you might like admiring the wedding dresses/bridesmaids and the  joy radiating from the truly in-love as they celebrate the happiest day of their life, they are seriously hogging Middle Path, and worse, New Side. We all know the best part of weddings is the open bar, so what better way to make us resent them than to take up an ENTIRE hall in our one dining hall on campus and then deny us their cocktails? Besides, who wouldn’t want drunken college students slurping up Shirley Temples and grinding like it’s an Old Kenyon party? Continue reading