Queer 101: LGBTQ+ History Month

Queer 101 Image

Hello again, Kenyon. Long time no see. It’s Queer 101, back and better than ever! Buckle up and break out your notebooks because you’re about to hear some exciting news. This month, here at Kenyon and everywhere, is LGBTQ+ History Month! Wheee! We already know that October is gay because of Halloween, but it’s also our time to celebrate queer history with our community and allies. In case you’ve been missing all of ODEI’s posters, or are having trouble reading the tiny print, the queer slice of the Kenyon Thrill is here to provide you with the who, what, when and where of LGBTQ+ History Month at Kenyon.

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Do it tonight: Illicit Arms and Human Security in South Sudan

Tonight at 7:00 in Brandi Recital Hall, Professor An Vranckx of the University of Ghent will present a talk on…well, it’s in the title. To find out more, you’ll have to attend! What I can tell you, thanks to the magic of student-info, is that “Vranckx is an expert [on] global arms transfers and their impact on conflict.  In addition to her position at the University of Ghent, she is a research fellow at the United Nations University as well as a small-arms and conflict advisor at Saferworld, an NGO dedicated to preventing violent conflict and building safer lives.” So…that sounds pretty cool.

For some additional background, here’s David Rowe after the jump:

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Do it tonight: “The Election and the Economy” with Stephen Moore

Help us, Stephen Moore. You’re our only hope.

Remember that scene in Liberal Arts when Josh Radnor tried to do math and everyone LOL’ed? If your answer to the question “35 minus 16” was, like mine, a hesitant “…11?”, you should probably  head down to the Gund Gallery tonight and listen to Wall Street Journal writer and econ expert Stephen Moore discuss the current economic climate. This could come in handy when we all graduate and find ourselves trying to figure out how to balance a checkbook using only the skills we acquired in “Seminar in Ethnomusicology.”

  • What: Evening lecture, economic policy breakdown, wild & crazy times
  • Where: Community Foundation Theater, Gund Gallery
  • When: 7:00 p.m.

Do it tonight: Amitav Ghosh

(via Indiawires.com)

Amitav Ghosh, award-winning novelist and essayist, is coming to Kenyon! He’ll be giving a talk tonight on “China and the Making of Modern India” at 7:30 in Higley Auditorium, and a reading tomorrow during Common Hour in the Community Foundation Theater, Gund Gallery. I know he isn’t exactly Josh Radnor famous, but this guy is actually really well known and has given talks at a bunch of Ivy League schools, so it’s totally a big deal that he is here. If you are interested in international relations, international development, developing countries, the world, the planet, writing, lectures and something else you can bring up in class that will make you sound well-rounded and cultured, go to one of the talks!

  • What: Amitav Ghosh, intellectual discussion, cla$$
  • Where: Higley Auditorium
  • When: 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Common Hour tomorrow