Queer 101: Deb Ball 2017

Queer 101: Deb Ball 2017

Cw: Discussions of transphobia

Hey, Kenyon. I haven’t done one of these in a while but I feel like this Saturday is bringing about a topic we very much need to discuss on this campus. Namely, respecting trans and gender non-conforming students by being active and responsible allies instead of passive ones. The most important thing to remember in reading this article, whether you’re a fan of Deb Ball or not, is that allyship takes work. Allyship can be challenging. When your views and opinions are being challenged by a minority group who just wants you to hear them out, instead of shutting down and becoming defensive, you should listen. Our pain doesn’t come from sensitivity— it comes from history. It comes from real, tangible experiences and emotions. Your actions, even in the Kenyon bubble, do not occur in a vacuum. You are responsible for what you choose to pay attention to and what you choose to ignore. With that being said, I, as an openly nonbinary and queer student of Kenyon College, would like to discuss Deb Ball. Thank you in advance for keeping an open mind.

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Lance Bass Visits Kenyon to Discuss LGBTQIA+ Issues



The thing about this little liberal arts school named Kenyon College is that sometimes things happen on this hill that are so strange, so unprecedented, that you are forced to question the reality of your existence on this plane.

Peirce serves taco pizza. Kittens live in pipes near Caples, surviving off of Cheetos.

Lance Bass, of *NSYNC fame and a strong, currently active presence in most of my ideals of love and success, shows up in the middle of the day with little to no prior advertising to talk about LGBTQIA+ issues in America.

What: LGBTQ+ Campus Tour (including Lance Bass, Raymond Braun, Robbie Kaplan, and Jim Obergefell)

When: Today at 2:45p.m.

Where: Peirce Hall

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The Friday Ketchup


You look at the clock and it reads 3:00 AM. A crumpled-up candy wrapper sits to the side of your textbook. I don’t remember anything of the last ten pages I’ve read, you think to yourself. Maybe it would be better for you to go to sleep at this point. Surely a few hours of rest would do you better than to keep studying. I’ll just close my eyes for a minute, you say, then I’ll be able to finish this up. You look back at the clock. 9:30 AM. You’re late for the test. You rush to put on your clothes and run out the door. A few minutes later you arrive at the classroom, out of breath and sweaty. The professor hands you the test along with a stern look of disapproval. You take a seat and turn to the first page of the exam. You can’t believe it. This isn’t what you’ve been studying for at all. Your head starts swimming and you begin to feel nauseous. The prompt sits on the page mocking you. It’s the Friday Ketchup.

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Queer 101: The Mother******* Queer Death Trope


So many tears for so many queers ~via traitspourtraits.tumblr.com

What’s up, queer friends and allies? Are you ready for some more eduGAYtion? :) Unfortunately, today’s topic is going to be kind of frustrating. I’m here to discuss queer representation in the media. More specifically, I’m going to rant a little about something called the queer death trope. If you’re part of the queer community, you probably already know what this is. If you’re not part of the queer community, or are unaware that this is a thing (which is totally okay, but just prepare to have your dreams crushed), this week’s Queer 101 will quickly outline what the death trope is, why we should care about it, and why so many people are talking about it now. So throw on your mourning clothes and join me in my fictional graveyard as we explore one of the most unfair tropes in books, television, and other forms of media. Welcome, ladies, gents, and non-binary folks, to the land of the dead queers.

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Grindr: A How-To


via polarimagazine.com

Ah, Grindr at Kenyon.  Sometimes I love it, sometimes it makes me want to throw my phone off of the Caples roof and then run it over with a Campus Safety golf cart. So, basically, it’s a mixed bag.

However, Grindr etiquette is complicated, and I’m sure a lot of you have questions. So, I will try to answer some of them, using my experience as a gay man who browses Grindr as a basis for my knowledge.  Am I an expert?  By no means.  Do I think I am?  Of course.

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