Josh Radnor, Please Stop Haunting Me

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 It’s 4:30 am, and I wake up from a nightmare in a cold sweat, covered in a pile of Cheez-It crumbs. I scramble for my phone, my hands shaking as I wipe the tears from my bloodshot eyes. My roommate shakes her head and rolls back to the other side of the bed. “God, not again. Go to bed. He’s not real.” I do not answer. I am rendered speechless by the image of my tormentor, the man who haunts my nightmares: Josh Radnor.

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Liberal Arts’ Janney-Radnor Sex Scene: A Critical Analysis


Oh hello! It is I, the Irresponsibility Goblin! Your personal piece of trash going nowhere fast! My face has nary been around these parts as of late, for a number of reasons. Most of them having to do with my taking on a frankly unrealistic amount of academic work, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here because staff writer Nate Winer wanted somebody to close read a scene from Josh Radnor’s famous Liberal Arts, the Kenyon masterpiece. I begged him for it, and have now come out of my self-imposed exile to fulfill this promise. So here it is folks–I’m going to close read the scene where Josh Radnor has sex with Allison Janney.

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Hey We Got High and Watched Liberal Arts and Boy Do We Have Some Spooky Things to Say About It

Hey We Got High and Watched Liberal Arts and Boy Do We Have Some Spooky Things to Say About It


Everyone and their mothers know about Kenyon alum Josh “The Rad Man” Radnor’s magnum opus Liberal Arts (2012) because everyone and their mother watched it after being accepted into Kenyon. Not only was this film written, directed, produced, and starring Josh “Radatouille” Radnor, but it was filmed at Kenyon College. (Here! Where we go!) And while Liberal Arts is really not a bad film, it’s not that good of one either, and the thrill (thank you) of it really comes from watching the places you live show up on screen, and being reminded that this institution has a real reputation with real alumni.

So after getting high and taking extensive notes, I am gonna tell you the spooky things my friends and I noticed while watching this masterpiece.

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‘Liberal Arts’ Drinking Game



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Sad about the election results? Me too! I am quaking with fury and have already screamed thrice today. Why not cope the way Kenyon kids know best, with a good old-fashioned drinking game inspired by one of our favorite movies here on campus, Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts. It’s extra ~Kenyon~ if you do this on a Wednesday with some Franzia and/or the blue shit from the Market. Continue reading

What to Binge-Watch Over Break

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Spring break is so close, I can almost taste it (and it tastes like free laundry and sheets that have been washed within the last six months)! What am I most excited for? The copious amount of free time I can set aside for scream-crying and binge-watching Netflix. As I’m sure you’re preparing to do the latter, you’re thinking, “how can I watch over 14 hours of television while also being reminded of the icy hell in Ohio that I’m missing out on?” Well, we’re here to provide you with a list of movies to help you out!

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10 o’clock list: College Movies That Give Kenyon Prospies Unreasonable Expectations

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If you were to believe everything about college that you’ve seen in the movies, you would expect that everyone is on drugs, that everyone you meet is in a secret society, and that people will actually catch you when you do a stage dive. You know, normal college things. Kenyon College and colleges in general are horribly misrepresented on the silver screen, and it’s time that someone spoke out about it. If we don’t clear the air, prospies are going to arrive at Kenyon thinking that every party is a toga party, and I just don’t have enough sets of sheets to keep up with that image. Here are five movies that hardly resemble life at Kenyon: Continue reading