10 o’clock list: Where I Was and What I Was Doing When I Remembered I am a Human Being with Responsibilities

Hey everyone, I’ll level with you: I have not been on the ball recently. I’ve been shirking some responsibilities and losing sleep and just generally been fucking up in small, concurrent ways for about a week now. And yeah, this is nothing new, and yeah, I’ll definitely get out of this one (fingers crossed, knock on wood, god I hope this isn’t jinxing anything) but still, the past handful of days have been a little rocky. Mostly this manifests itself in me, smack dab in the middle of a conversation or a Lisa omelette, suddenly, crushingly realizing that there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing. 

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Kenyon and the History of the Frisbee

Students compete to grab the pie tin, 1950.

Kenyon students in a spirited game of Frisbee, via time.com

There are conflicting stories as to how the game of Frisbee came to be, but what is known is that it has been a collegiate staple ever since students started tossing around pie tins at Yale between the World Wars. Ultimate Frisbee is now an official sport at many colleges, with Kenyon hosting both men’s and women’s teams which compete against other schools in formal tournaments. But Frisbee remains a staple sport in many causal situations, from college quads to company picnics.

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There’s a New Ogrelord in Town


The Career and Development Office (CDO) has launched what perhaps will be its most successful advertising campaign yet — Scott Layson, Director of Career Development, super-imposed onto Shrek’s head as the CDOgre.

This triumph of Adobe Photoshop can be found on the first floor of Ascension, certainly, and perhaps elsewhere — we don’t claim to know the CDO’s life. The CDO, after all, is like an onion. It has layers.

10 o’clock list: Signs Your Life is Falling Apart

sarah mcclachlin

“I’m about to ruin your day.”

If Thanksgiving break is entirely too far away, the weather is entirely  too cold, and you have entirely too much homework–we feel you. It’s the end of the semester. Your life was bound to deteriorate at some point. Here are some sure signs that you’re on the brink:

1. The most exciting part of this week was today’s date. 11/12/13. Well jumping Jesus on a pogo stick.  That’s a numeric progression. If you also made some sort of semi-orgasmic goat noise in the middle of class when you realized this, you should probably go get some more caffeine. Because this has happened every year. For ten years. Yeeeeeee-haw.

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How to Tell Your Friend’s Life is Falling Apart by Their Choices on Spotify

If your friend is listening to The Used, there may be reason for concern

You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of music they listen to. If someone listens to a lot of punk music. then they’ll probably have a contrarian personality. With the rise of Spotify, it is now even easier to tell what kind of mood your friends are in than before. If you see the following music pop up on your friend’s Spotify, then their lives are totally falling apart. Trust me, I listen to a lot of music and took a semester of Psychology, so I’m totally qualified to make these diagnoses. Continue reading