Kenyon Kritters: Students are Way Scarier than Bats


A word of caution: The following is semi-educational and may be disturbing for some readers who get freaked out by vampires, vaguely scientific words, and cute wittle fuzzballs with precious wittle noses and pointy wittle ears. Rated 2spooky4me. 

Welcome to the dark side, mortals.

‘Tis I, the Early Bird, with gripping tales of terror and intrigue on this Hallows Eve Eve Eve *10^9. Let’s be honest, it’s been spooky time since the first leaf fell onto Middle Path in August and that leaf wasn’t even ready to drop, it just blew off in a gust of wind. This week I want to draw your attention to our silent overlords. They are always there lurking in ever dank corner of the library, every crag in the Gothic stonework of Smather, every musty poorly-lit lobby of your dorm building, every hollow of those maples your parents were oohing and aahing over this weekend. They rarely make their presence known, at least when the lights are on but when darkness falls they emerge and take to the skies. Yes, you know the beasts of which I speak, the most terrifying, unholy, adorable creatures to ever roam the night.


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