10 o’clock List: Apps to Download at Kenyon

Which app is right for you?

Which app is right for you?

College students are pretty technologically advanced, and Kenyon’s students are no exception. Many students here have iPhones or other smart phones, and apps seem to rule our lives. While the old grandma in the back of our minds tells us to fight modernity and that we don’t need an app for everything, in actuality some apps can be lifesaving. Here are some apps you may want to consider downloading for your future at Kenyon.

1. Venmno- This app, for those who don’t know already, is a lifesaver. It’s a completely safe banking app that allows you to transfer as much or little money you want to your friends. Group checks at the VI just got so much easier! Continue reading

Productive distractions: LinkedIn


Though we at The Thrill no longer provide opportunities for you to “distract ‘yo self” we do endeavor to provide you all with those finals weeks distractions you so desperately crave.

Last week I was working hard on an important project, really putting the time in an making sure it was all perfect, when I decided to check my e-mail (always a bad idea) and happened to notice a notification from LinkedIn. I can no longer remember if I was being notified of a new connections, or perhaps being urged to wish a friend “Happy Birthday” but whatever the reason, I found myself drawn to that career-building website. Over the next hour I added updated information for at least three different jobs, declared my membership in multiple new student groups, listed classes taken so far, and generally fleshed out my profile Continue reading

How to Get Employed

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.07.27 PM

Why go to the CDO when you have a bonafide expert on getting hired right here at the Thrill? I’ve been stupid employed for the past, like, five summers. I mean, I guess Scott Layson and his crew might be able to help you, but come on, who wants to walk all the way to Gund Commons to get career advice?*

Have a sick Facebook page: If you want to get hired, make sure your employers know what a baller you are. Start by going to your Facebook settings and making your profile open to the public. Now upload photos of you doing some cool sh*t. Ever shotgun a beer on South Quad? Profile picture! Nobody is going to hire someone who can’t be a boss inside and outside of the office. Make sure it’s Facebook too and not LinkedIn; as I learned from TV, that website screams cellphone holsters.

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The Monday Catchup

The NSA is all up in your data, again.

The NSA is all up in your data, again.

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while you were out partying at the Delt Lodge.

The Lead Story: The NSA, in its wanton desire to know all, has devised methods of foiling most internet encryption, the Times reports. The story emanates from classified documents leaked to the press by Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor and Russia’s least favorite US expat. The NSA has partnered with major American companies to accomplish its goals, though some of those companies remain anonymous.

Don’t know much about data encryption? Click here.

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