Send-Off ProTip: General Tips and Tricks

Here is are some simple tips for this years Send-Off:  Don’t drink the night before Send-Off (it might be too late for that). Pace yourself, it’s an easy one to forget, Send-Off is a marathon, not a sprint. Also drink water. Also wear sunscreen. Also take food from that cart that the CAs bring around if they still do that. Also watch out for elbows on the beer pong table, your fellow students cheat. Also eat protein. Also don’t be stupid. Also don’t get drunk and break something on campus and then have people be all “who would do that” and then you’ll be all “I know right.” Also have fun. Also remember that you have things to do next week. Also please remain standing for the national anthem of Margaritaville.

Know Your Liquor: Scotch, Whisky, Bourbon and Rye

Do you really know what you’re drinking?

It is not uncommon that at some point during my Friday/Saturday night, someone will confuse whisky, scotch, rye and bourbon.

It’ll go something like this:

Ignorant Drinker: This scotch is really good!

Me (mumbling under my breath): Jack Daniels isn’t scotch, it’s a type of bourbon whisky…

But how does me being passive-agressive help you understand the differences between scotch, bourbon and whisky? Well, it doesn’t. So I’m going to tell you about the differences.

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