Help Us Get A Poster In The Library: The Importance Of This Cannot Be Measured

Last week, we asked you to help us get a poster in the library. We’ve received literally tens of signatures on our petition, but we won’t rest until we’ve fully swayed the hearts and minds of the Kenyon community — so we’re offering a rare chance to see an exclusive mockup of our poster. Click through to get a glimpse at everyone’s #1 favorite thing — Thrill editors’ faces clumsily Photoshopped into other pictures! You’re welcome! Vote for us! Thrill 2016!

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Help Us Get A Poster in the Library

Lists are the new novels.

Lists are the new novels.


We at The Thrill hate talking about ourselves. We really do. Like, it pains us.

But there is this one thing. Ever since The Thrill was a little blog baby, we have dreamed of one thing: Getting laid because of this blog. Being an icon for literacy in the Kenyon Community. Which is why, today, we are launching a campaign to get the Thrill staff on one of those “Read” posters they put up in the library. Continue reading