10 o’clock list: (Non-English) English Major Vocab

Tonight’s list is brought to you by friend of The Thrill Ben Ros ’14.

Being an English major isn’t always easy. Sometimes we have to look up words, and sometimes, they’re not even in English. Listen, I’m not saying we’re Kenyon’s hardest-working, but … well. Anyway, good guy that I am, I put together a few vocab words so that you can get back to work without actually using a dictionary. Oh, and you non-majors pay attention: drop a few of these bad boys in your 9:10 a.m. class discussion and that doe-eyed Chekhov lover will be chopping down your cherry orchard/that strapping young Faulkner fan will be bringing his sound and fury by lunchtime. To make it even easier for you, I’ve included modern examples to accompany the classics listed below, just in case it wasn’t on your required reading.

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