10 o’clock list: Reasons Why Studying at a Bar is the Best

While my friends were off on Chamber Singers tour or at South by Southwest or whatever cool kids do over spring break, I was holed up at a bar in my hometown studying for comps. Now, my exam isn’t until this Saturday, so it’s too early to say whether this strategy worked, but I will say that I got a lot more reading done at the bar than I did sitting in my childhood bedroom. Here’s why studying at a bar is a great strategy that you should totally use if you are over 21. (You just have to make sure you drink slowly, or else you won’t remember anything you read.)

1. Bars provide soothing background noise. You know how studying in Ascension is the worst because it’s too quiet and you just end up staring at the carpet and then falling asleep? Studying out in public keeps you awake and focused because you’re surrounded by a nice hubbub. And a bar is the best public place because …

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