The Monday Catchup 9/14/20

Salutations plebes. I’ve started to question the level of reality of this thing we call “Kenyon” “College.” As the days go by, my time on the hill feels more and more like a lengthy lucid dream. Sure, I have hours and hours of vivid memories stored in my little pea-brain of all the quintessential Kenyon moments, like passing a raccoon on Middle Path, and feeling that fleeting sense of spiritual connection between man and beast, or sitting at a New Side rectangle table for so long that your ears begin to ring and your vision starts to blur. But are those moments of bliss from my “College” “Experience” fact? Or are they fictions my neurons slap-dashed together on a particularly turbulent night of dreams? Am I really here, writing this catchup? Or am I tucked away in deep sleep, having an especially surreal dream that has quickly turned nightmare? Terrors of the brain aside, here’s the weekend:

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Kenyon Side Projects: Hector Marrero ’15 and Kip Clark ’16


stride and saunter

So, as it turns out Kenyon students are pretty weird. The Thrill has decided to showcase the endearing oddities of our student body with a new features entitled “Kenyon Side Projects.” In this new feature, we will spotlight a Kenyon student with a side project that we find particularly intriguing. This time we’re pleased to feature Kip Clark ‘16 and Hector Marrero ‘15. Kip and Hector host a podcast called “Stride and Saunter” and are changing the way we converse at Kenyon College.  

How did the concept for Stride and Saunter come about?

Hector: We met last year and didn’t really talk that much. But, we were interested in one another for our common energies and personalities. And then, the real way this started was I called Kip up in the middle of the summer, and we spoke for a while. We ended up calling each other a few times, just talking about life and whatever was happening with each other. Then I brought up the idea of doing a radio show, because I’ve really wanted to do a radio show. But honestly I didn’t really have time to go through the WKCO intern process. We both wanted to have some ideas or content out there.

Kip: Yeah, he approached me with the idea, and it was very interesting to me. I’ve said before in other circumstances that it was definitely not like a dream of time, but something that was brought up. After I thought about it more and more, it seemed to resonate very strongly with me, who I am, and sort of how I enjoy communicating.

Hector: Overall, it’s been very much a “Do It Yourself” type deal–which has been the most exciting part of it. Basically making a radio show from scratch, and putting it up there.

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