10 o’clock list: Things I’m Sure No One Will Ever Buy at the Bookstore

via kenyon.edu

The Bookstore is a pretty bizarre place. Only half of it is really a bookstore–the rest functions as a weird convenience store-esque operation. And as with any good convenience store, there are items on the shelves that are never purchased, doomed to watch longingly as binders and copies of Liberal Arts find new homes. My favorite such item from last year, but unfortunately absent so far this year, is the inflatable Cthulhu arms, which I can only assume are used for an initiation ritual into a cult that is no longer allowed on campus. Next time you find yourself frantically searching for a forgotten sociology book, take a moment to admire some of the oddities that call the Bookstore home. Maybe you’ll even have pity on one and take it back to your dorm.

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