The Great Cam’Ron Shutdown Poll


Well, Cam’ron is playing at Kenyon in approx. 15 minutes, against all odds. Yeah, Jay-Z’s former rival is performing in Kenyon’s own Horn Gallery, in what may well be Cam’ron’s first “rural music barn” performance, and we predict Kenyon fans will flood the place pretty quick. Even our roughly 1,700 enrollment might prove to be too much — insert your D.I.Y. Purple Haze joke here.

Weigh in, friends — How long can this beautiful miracle last until Campus Safety shows up?

  • Start time: 9:30-ish
  • End Time
  • A) 9:45
  • B) 10:01
  • C: 10:13

Leave your predictions in the comments, and get ready for Opera Steve.

UPDATE — As of 9:59 pm, there have been reported Killa Cam sightings, reported Safety shutdowns and everyone’s standing outside the  Horn, smoking and plotting.

UPDATE — 10:00 pm — Some guy just said “He’s here.”

UPDATE — 10:02 pm — He’s not here.

UPDATE — 10:12 pm — It’s cold out here.

UPDATE — 12:17 am — Cam’ron performed at roughly 10:35 pm. It was cool.

Poll: Is It Gross to Go Barefoot in Olin?

Last night I holed up in Olin till the nerd bell chimed, and the evening prompted a lot of walking: around the Atrium, up to the 3rd floor to visit friends, down to the vending machine to stock up on Cheez-Its and shitty coffee. Creature of comfort that I am, I opted to do all this pacing barefoot. However, I noticed a few people raising their eyebrows at my feet. I began to wonder if I was breaching some unwritten law of Olin comportment – thou shalt not doff thy shoes in the library, lest thee be stared at and deemed weird and overly-at-home-in-public-spaces. 

What say you, readers?