Your Kenyon Astrological Twin: A Real Horoscope Done By A Real Person

This article was written by Maddie Farr ’18 who’s here to tell us all about how Cool and Mysterious astrology is. Get psyched for a REAL HOROSCOPE and not just where to cry in the market
I first learned about astrology from a Very Cool and Mysterious girl at church camp. She carried a book of astrology with her always, and I have a vivid memory of sneaking off to the basement with her and our friends to read our birth charts. The biggest impression I took away from this event was that astrology is Cool and Mysterious, but I couldn’t tell you much else. It took me until the summer of 2015 to read my chart again, and this time it really stuck. I was going through a lot of changes and growth that summer, and astrology became sort of my rock – something to hold onto to make sense of my life. It sounds silly, and sometimes it is silly. But mostly it is Extremely Serious, like this list I have compiled of Kenyon grads/people who hang out at Kenyon who share your sign. Not silly at all!

Virgo: Sean Decatur

Sean Decatur is such a Virgo! Sometimes I just stop during my day and think, I wonder if D-Cat knows how much of a Virgo he is. Basically, Virgos are the planners, organizers, and perfectionists of the chart. You are also often quietly kind and even humble sometimes, as in the case of D-Cat. You can just tell he thinks through anything he says, before he says it. You over-analyze the crap out of your life. But like, best case scenario, you are Sean Decatur.

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