Peirce Hack: Cinnamon Apple Grilled Cheese

cinnamon-apple-butter-grilled-cheeseEven though the temperature is hovering around the 80s and Birkenstocks are still everyone’s shoe of choice, I can safely say that autumn is now upon us. While I’m a huge proponent of pumpkin spice everything and soup for every meal, my favorite fall snack is a crisp apple with, if I’m feeling a little extra festive, a sprinkle of cinnamon. The other day I wondered what would happen if I paired this with the timeless grilled cheese sandwich and not to brag, but this may be the Best Peirce Hack Yet.

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Made in Peirce: Celebrity Edition

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.30.13 PM

the master himself

Put down that mac and cheese sandwich and brace yourself, Kenyon. You’re about discover the National Treasure of Peirce meals and it isn’t going to cost you a 30 minute wait. This “Made in Peirce” artisanal grilled cheese is the brainchild of George Costanzo ’19 and it’s going to change your life. (Seriously though, during this interview at least 2 people were inspired to make their own grilled cheese.) Audrey Neubauer ’19 joined us on the journey and offered a quote about the impact that this sandwich has had on her life.

The first time I tried George’s grilled cheese, I didn’t know what I was in for. One bite…my whole life turned upside down. Since then, I’ve been learning how to make [the grilled cheese] and refining my knowledge. Each day my life gets better, each day gets better.

Read on to learn how George achieves this cuisine.

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Made in Peirce: Petitfours

petitfours 1

I made this, and you can too!

If you’re familiar with my past Made in Peirce installments, you know that I don’t settle for simplicity in the servery. I’ll be damned if I don’t have you eating gourmet in no time. This time around, I decided to take a spin on a dainty dessert option. Come out of the servery with a couple of these bad boys on your plate and your friends will definitely be impressed, I promise.

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Made in Peirce: Totally Legitimate Panera Mac ‘n Cheese Bread Bowl


Delicious, right?


Car won’t start? Shuttle not moving today? Forgot the 9 am deadline for Kenyon Carry-Out? Fear not, Kenyon. We have a solution for your Panera-related woes.


  • Deli bread of choice
  • Mac ‘n cheese (or other warm bowl-filling substance such as soup)
  • Additional toppings to your liking
    • We recommend:
      • Cold well shredded cheese
      • Salad bar peas and carrots
      • Deli jalapeños

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