The Kenyon College Magic Tree House Series: Follow The Adventures of Two Students on an Acid Trip Who Think They’re Traveling Through Time

91JmRQ7Pq6LSam ’21 and Julia ’20 are just two regular Kenyon kids, but when they take a tab of acid and discover a tree house in the BFEC, something magical happens…

This series follows the adventures of Sam and Julia, two children who are magically transported to historical Kenyon settings through the use of a mysterious tree house and psychedelic drugs. Enlisted to help Philander Chase — a powerful enchantress — they set out to learn about historic Kenyon and solve age old puzzles such as: Are my shits liquid because of Peirce coffee or anxiety? Should I dye my hair or just buy some blue eyeliner? Do I have to live in Brooklyn Post-Grad? Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Things We Find Here

Things I've found this year. (If that's your long-lost nerf bullet or something, you can email me.)

Things I’ve found this year. (If that’s your long-lost nerf bullet or something, you can email me.)

Sometimes Kenyon students like to lose things. But where do all our wallets, expensive textbooks and black North Face jackets go? Do they sit disintegrating in a shadowy corner of Old Kenyon? Fall into some mystical void? Or do they find new homes? As a prolific contributor to this accidental redistribution of wealth, I’m curious.

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Beyoncé Actually Runs the World


This post was guest written by John Foley ’15.

“If you want to hear God laugh, make plans.” The old saying has never proven more true than it did today. It almost seems as though it was created for December 13th, 2013: the day of pop reckoning. Somewhere Katy Perry is quietly sobbing as she holds her Grammy… oh wait, I forgot Katy Perry doesn’t have any Grammys. The most popular* hashtag on twitter last night was #prayforgaga as music critics tweeted gems like  “I am serious that random fireworks just went off in my neighborhood and I genuinely believe it is Beyoncé related,” and “Beyoncé is the real ArtPop of the year.”  Continue reading