10 O’Clock List: Majors to Leave Econ For

One time, in half-hearted jest, my dad joked that I decided my academic interests by sorting a list of degrees ranked by earning potential from low to high. He’s not really wrong– I am a generally okay person but also generally impractical. I want to study gender and books and culture and don’t want to get a job or pay bills or be responsible.


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The Title of Your Memoir According to Your Major


Majors. Everyone has one, maybe even two. Some say they are the most important part of who we are here, at this sweet liberal arts college. They paint a picture of what we like to study, which professor’s house we are desperate to get the invite to and even help with the post-grad job search (maybe). One day, we may look back on all this and use the stuff we learned here to tell our stories. Honestly terrifying to think one of your classmates would have the ego to write a memoir, but definitely not surprising. Well, if you are thinking about divulging your secrets, deepest desires, unconventional childhood or career trajectory, check out these titles for inspiration.

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10 o’clock list: Things I Want To Major In


Good news: Kenyon offers a lot of great classes, and I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve taken so far. Bad news: I haven’t found that one subject I’m ready to commit to just yet. I know I have plenty of time until I have to declare, but I’m feeling a little lost. I was told it helps to make a list of interests, so here’s my list of potential majors at this point:

  • Telling people how much I like Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP.
  • Drinking a literal gallon of water a day.
  • Realizing that I’m really hungry thirty minutes after the Market closes.

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Starter Packs for Your Major


Majors. We all got ’em. We all change our identities to conform to ’em. Are you really an Econ major if you show up to class wearing something other than sweatpants or a suit? Probably not. We here at The Thrill are simplifying the process for you with this list of starter kits for your major. Thinking about declaring? Check the this first.


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An Interview With A Major Rebel

Via Nate's Facebook

Via Nate’s Facebook

Declaring a major can be a scary thing. While not completely future-determining, your major often puts you on the path towards certain careers, aka bringing you one step closer to adulthood. We at The Thrill wondered what would happen if you simply didn’t declare a major by the time you were told to do so by Kenyon. One student, Nate Epstein ’16, did just that. Last year the junior declaration deadline came and passed, and Nate was still without a major. We sat down with this brave soul to ask him about the experience. Continue reading