Dear Alum: Jonathan Winters ’50 (sort of)

Kenyon’s alumni are some of the best and brightest in the world (we happen to think). In this new feature, we’ll be celebrating some of our most beloved Kenyon alums with the highest honor any mortal can hope to achieve: notes/letters published on the Internet. Yes, that’s right, the Internet.


Dear Jonathan Winters,

Okay, so technically you never graduated from Kenyon, but that won’t stop us from featuring you on our website for a second. You made it big, kid, and we love stories like that, just having you associated with Kenyon is enough to count you among our most illustrious alumni. And sure, a lot of kids might not know who you are anymore, but that doesn’t dim your light one bit. I’ll admit, I had no idea who you were until extremely recently, but ever since I figured it out, you’ve been a personal hero of mine. Continue reading