10 o’clock list: Facebook Pages to Capture the Kenyon Experience

that is just so me right now

that is just so me right now

If there’s something I “like,” it’s a good Facebook interest page. GET IT? Nice! My favorite ones are the kind that manage to capture universal experiences, states of being, desires, etc. while still managing to be incredibly specific. For example, some pages that I like on Facebook include: Wearing sweater vests just to feel FLY, I love hugging boys that smell good and Being Socially Awkward, none of which are related AT ALL to ANY period in MY life, especially NOT one that is STILL GOING ON.

Anyway, I realized that many of my Facebook interests could definitely be converted to really get at some fundamental truths of the Kenyon experience, for example: Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

The time has come.

It’s the holiday season!

Which means it’s time to start showing people you love them with material things. Because that’s what true love really means.

But in case you don’t really love the person love the person so much you don’t know where to start, here’s a little cheat sheet* that will get your gears turning.  Continue reading