New and Improved Roommate Pairing Questionnaire

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Dear The Office of Residential Life,

It has been several years since my last confession. Though I work for you, I feel as if I could do more to work with you. I am a simple person with simple skills. I can ask politely for things I am paying for. I can put an unlimited amount of raw Sriracha in my tiny, tiny mouth. I can peel an orange in one seamless ribbon but usually I can’t. This is my effort to bring my passion for putting people into broad categories (ie. astrology, MBTI, sorting-hat) to you, The Office formally known as Residential Life. Below are what I believe to be some questions which which truly bring insight to the Roommate Pairing Process. You can reach me at, or at your local Post Office.

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The Monday Catchup

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The lead story: One of the largest climate change rallies ever occurred over the weekend as protesters, including many celebrities, took to the streets in New York City. Over 400,000 people were in attendance to protest in favour of decreasing carbon emissions, just days before world leaders are set to discuss the issue of climate change at the U.N. Despite the size of the protest and the presence of celebrities and politicians ranging from Leonardo DiCaprio to Al Gore, the protest got a single mention on the Sunday morning news shows.

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10 o’clock list: Study Abroad Programs I Wish They’d Make

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Emails have started coming. Serious conversations with advisors have begun. Yes, for the sophomore class, the decision about whether or not to go on off-campus study looms close on the horizon. While seniors contemplate comps and first-years contemplate where in the Dickens is this place called Weaver, sophomores are poring over guides to study abroad programs and trying to make potentially life-changing decisions. Yet, some of these programs just seem so boring and a little outdated for the average fun-loving Kenyon student. Here are a few modest suggestions for the CGE to include in their thoughts as they flesh out next year’s choices.

1. The Renaissance Fair: Get some real-world experience while studying-off campus. In this program you will learn a detailed history of the Renaissance while simultaneously apprenticing with a number of different craftsmen. Travel around the United States and southern Canada while learning about the intricacies of European history. Learn such skills as cooking delicious turkey legs and building marshmallow-launching catapults, then learn the economics of running a small business. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to Game of Thrones this side of HBO. Recommended for History, Sociology, Economics and American Studies Majors.

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The Monday Catch Up: Summer Highlights Edition

Many of you may remember former president Dave Chappelle. (Courtesy of

Here at The Thrill, we recognize that our readers live busy lives. You may not have time to absorb every little bit of news that happens off of our lovely hill. As during last semester, The Monday Catch Up aims to bring you up to speed on the most important (interesting, funny and entertaining) news that you may have missed each week. This week’s catch up is a roundup of all that happened this summer.

1) Y’all, we landed on MarsCheck out this amazing HD video of the landing, complete with dramatic background music.

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