10 o’ clock list: The Highlights of President Decatur’s Netflix Queue


I recently had the immense pleasure to sit down with (e-mail…he’s a busy man) President Decatur to discuss his favorite and least favorite Netflix gems. We at the Thrill had heard through the grapevine that everyone’s favorite president has quite the Netflix presence, so I did a little bit of research and I learned a lot. Mainly, I learned that Decatur and I are very Netflix compatible. As an intro to our conversation, President Decatur stated that his Netflix queue is “heavy on TV series/episodes — I find these incredibly easy to watch while exercising (one 50 minute episode is nearly the perfect elliptical timer and workout accompaniment), or in binge doses during vacations.”  Read on for a journey into Decatur’s Netflix habits. I would be honored to watch T.V. with you any day, Mr. President.  Continue reading