Owls: The Perfect Avian Metaphor for a College Student

You think owls are smart don’t you. Don’t you. You think they’re ~wise~. Well you’ve been drinking the same strigiforme lobbyist slop that manifested Hedwig and that Winnie-the-Pooh owl who thinks he can read into our public consciousness. But owls haven’t got the processing power of a desktop abacus.

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One-Sentence Editorial: Gourdzilla Should Be Our New Mascot

For one thing, “Lords” reeks of feudalism and also makes our football team sound like a bunch of frolicking fops (but who could hope to defeat the Kenyon Gourdzillas?), and since Gourdzilla’s triumphant arrival in Peirce last week (and subsequent establishment of a family), she has truly become queen of this College, inspiring in every Kenyonite’s heart a sense of pride at having a morbidly obese decorative gourd to call our own.

Gourdzilla 2012!