Murals at Kenyon

So we all know that there’s a mural on almost every hall of Mather and McBride, but unless we live on that hall, or have good friends that live on that hall, we never actually see them.

For example, just last week I was doing my laundry in McBride and I decided to walk through first floor short side for the first time, when I saw this:


It’s a beautiful sunset mural on short side that no one ever sees because NO ONE goes to first floor short side unless they live there. But it’s a shame, because in the words of a long side resident “it makes me feel like I’m in the Lion King!” So I wondered, what other treasures our lovely residences could be hiding.

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Kenyon Klexicon: M is for Mather

This is the nice looking one, by the way.

This is the nice looking one, by the way.

As of today, February 16th 2015, there are exactly two Mather buildings on this campus. Legend has it that there was a third member of the Mather clan, Philip Mather, former home of the Chemistry department before it was torn down in 2001. Rest in pieces, Pmather. That really doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as Smather does…maybe that’s why they got rid of it.  Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Where Not to Have Your Wedding On Campus

evolution of marriage

Yo, those wedding guests know how to party.

You may or may not be aware that there was a wedding on campus last weekend. I became aware when I almost ran over the bride and groom on two separate occasions with my car. Don’t worry, they’re probably on their honeymoon right now and I’m probably not working on my driving. Whatever. What’s more pressing is that pookie and bun bun made some pretty awful choices for their wedding and reception venues. Rumor has it that a lot of Kenyon alums get married. Sometimes to each other. So, if and when, you and your freaky friend decide to come back to Kenyon to interface, don’t make the mistake of doing it in these places:

1. The Church of the Holy Spirit. Right about now, that church probably isn’t looking so holy. Maybe you made out with somebody on the altar last weekend. Maybe you came up with a sex position called The Holy Cross. All I’m trying to say is, you don’t want that flashback when you say, “I do.” More like “I did.”  Continue reading

Blog Off: Lindsay vs. Nesbat

We like to stay pretty competitive here at The Thrill, and a Blog Off is one way we can definitively prove that one of us is objectively a better blogger (dare we say, a better person).  So we leave it to you, the reader, to decide in a blind taste test who is really better as we square off on various topics.

This time we’re featuring two ~new writers~ we hired this semester, the impeccable Julia Lindsay ’18, and the infallible Yasmin Nesbat ’18. The topic- First-Year Real Estate. Let’s see which one of our newbies has more curb appeal!

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Chose a Roommate

A bad roommate is no fun. Avoid one with these tips!

Worried about a bad roommate situation for next year? Look at these tips!

The lottery numbers came in. Perhaps you were lucky and got fifth in your class, or perhaps you were that unlucky 1108 number. Regardless, the upcoming Housing Lottery on Saturday looks more and more frightening now, especially if you haven’t picked a roommate yet. Set your fears aside, here are some ways you can secure a perfect roommate and room.

 1)   Utilize Peirce. At the servery, smile and ask every student you recognize what his or her lottery number is. This may seem extreme, but your enthusiasm will surely earn you a roommate immediately.

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