A Definitive Ranking of Peirce’s Mayonnaises


Picture this: You’re in the servery. It’s cold and dark. You’ve just finished making your 10th sandwich of the day. You go to put some sweet, sweet mayo on that baby, only to stand there, helpless as you shake the bottle for what seems like a millennia. People line up behind you, their eyes staring daggers into your back. A baby is crying somewhere in the distance. You start to sweat profusely. The room fills with your sweat, and you’re still holding onto that goddamned mayonnaise bottle, drowning, drowning, crying out for help–All right, I think you get the point. Anyone who’s been around me for more than 3 milliseconds knows of my shameful love of mayonnaise in all of its many shapes and forms. What can I say? Blame it on my heritage. Whether it be Hellman’s (for your average joe), aioli (for the more refined) or Vegenaise (for the socially woke health nuts out there), there’s nothing that a fat dollop of mayo can’t fix. Getting said mayonnaise, however, can be a humbling experience. That’s why I’ve decided to ease your Mayo Mishaps with this much-needed list!

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Made in Peirce: Berlin-Style Currywurst Fries


via Chefheinzyee.com

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I was abroad last semester. I made a lot of discoveries, most of them life-changing, all of them food-related, but the greatest thing I came across was Berlin-style currywurst. Oh, the currywurst! Food of the mighty and unknowable gods! 

While the meat is traditionally the main attraction of currywurst, I fell hard for the fries — smothered in mayo, seasoned with curry powder, topped with just a delicate fuckton of ketchup. And we’re in luck, because Peirce boasts all the ingredients necessary to recreate a currywurst-style fry plate fit to set before an inbred German king. (Seriously, if you have ten hours to spare, Google the House of Habsburg.) Click through to see the full recipe!

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