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Five Alternative, Non-Gender Specific Costumes for Deb Ball!!!

The PEEPs Debutante Ball is a fun festive time to go all out, gender-bend, get it on, go wild, freak out, etc. That said, maybe you want an alternative alternative to cross-dressing and drag. Maybe you want to defy expectations, shake things up, and not conform to the typical non-conformity.

Here to help you out, a list of potential non-gendered costumes for Deb Ball:

READY TO ROLL via Wikimedia CommonsUnless programmed by the patriarchy, robots are genderless hunks of metal that can really groove on the dance floor! No feelings! No gender! No mess! Continue reading

My Boyfriend is a Vegan

Photo by via Wikimedia Commons

Just kidding, I don’t have a boyfriend. But, if I did have one he could totally be a vegan! Any person of any gender can choose to abstain from consuming animal products. Our friends at AVI seem to disagree, however. Have you noticed that vegetarian options in Peirce are often named feminized versions of the meat options? Mhm, I’m talking about you, Ms. Tofu “Sloppy Jane.” More on the gendering of food after the jump.

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