This Week in Dungeons and Decat: The Dread Queen Gwyneth Paltrow, The Dragon of Beecher Hill Executive Firm, and a Medievo-Marxist Peasant Revolt

Once a week, in the glimmering light of candles crafted from residual pierce-grease, the mightiest and most mystical of Kenyon faculty gather in the bell tower of the Church of the Holy Spirit (who else didn’t know it was called that) for what is bureaucratically referred to as “staff meetings.” They sit, stand, and kneel, becloaked and smoking really long pipes and sipping mulled wine. Before them, levitating an eighteenth of an inch off his gold-tasseled cushion, with his feline avatar Moxie seated serenely behind the all-knowing campaign screen, the most esteemed Dungeon Master in all of central Ohio with a degree in biophysical chemistry—Sean Decatur.

This is your weekly Dungeons and Decat update.

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Meredith Harper Bonham ’92 Named Student Affairs VP

Bonham before Hamilton College’s 2008 Convocation. (via the Utica Observer-Dispatch)

According to a Kenyon College News Bulletin sent out this afternoon, Meredith Harper Bonham ’92 will assume the role of Vice President of Student Affairs starting on July 1, 2015. Currently the Senior Associate Dean of Students for Strategic Initiatives and Title IX Coordinator at Hamilton College, the Kenyon alumna was chosen after a national search led by Professor of Sociology Marla Kohlman, with help from AGB Search, based in Washington D.C., and input from President Sean Decatur. Bonham began working at Hamilton College in 1993, soon after her Kenyon graduation. While rising through the ranks at Hamilton, Bonham earned her master’s in education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education in 1998. Currently, Bonham is a doctoral candidate at Syracuse University’s School of Education. Bonham will be working closely with Dean Hank Toutain, who has been in his position since 2009. The Office of Public Affairs prepared a statement about the recent hiring, which can be read here.