10 o’clock List: Other Celebs I Want to Sniff


My vision board for Kenyon 2016.

Let’s face it, this nation’s call to enfranchisement has caused Gambier to become what many are calling “The Hollywood of the Midwest”. From Lance Bass to the woman who looks like my mother (but happens to play a Russian mob-wife on TV), Kenyon has become a hotspot for all that vaguely glitters and all that’s somewhat gold in this election season. But, due to my chronic feelings of inadequacy, I need more! So, here’s a list of other strange and random celebrities who could waltz into Wiggin at any point in the upcoming weeks and ruin my chances at snatching a decent study table.

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Seniors Reminisce: The 2012 Election & Michelle Obama Rally

First Lady Michelle Obama addresses a crowd of 1,800 at the Kenyon Athletic Center on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012. (Samuel Colt for The Thrill)

Senior year is trying to say the least. It’s like an emotional ping pong game that flings you between feeling the need to get out and hopeless nostalgia. And a lot of tears. Caught up in all their sentimentality, you might notice that seniors frequently say things like, “The underclassmen will never know…” or “We’ll be the last class to have …” Perhaps one of the most memorable events for the class of 2016 was the 2012 presidential election, which was preceded by Michelle Obama’s rally at the KAC. Here’s what our seniors had to say:  Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Best Puppy Bowl X Moments

Ten glorious years of romping puppies.

Ten glorious years of romping puppies, kitties and penguins.

Since Beyoncé wasn’t to be seen at this year’s Super Bowl, I really couldn’t have cared less that it even happened. There was only one attraction that could tear me away from my all-too-important studies last night: The Puppy Bowl. Accepting no mediocre substitutes, the one and only Puppy Bowl never fails to impress with its adorable canine moments. But which moments were the best? Don’t worry–I’ve got you covered.

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Michelle Obama Got Bangs Because of Us, Probably


On this Inauguration Day, it seems there’s only one topic occupying the hearts and minds of the media and the American people – Michelle Obama’s bangs. Everyone from the Huffington Post to the Wall Street Journal has weighed in on the First Lady’s apparently historic haircut, but it’s hard not to question her timing. I mean, come on – she shows up at the KAC in November and three months later she’s sporting a full-on Kenyon chop? Michelle, the bangs look nice and all, but don’t come crying to us when you’re showing up 15 minutes late to your 9:40 because you’re out of bobby pins and you didn’t have time to shower and they just won’t do what you want.

Overheard at Kenyon, Vol. VII

It’s that time again when we at The Thrill make you regret talking just a little too loudly. Heads up first years, we’ve been taking extra effort to listen in on what you guys have been saying lately. As always, if you see your own words here, sorry. Feel free to claim it in the comments, or next time just talk quieter.

Politically-Savvy First Year: “I would sleep with Paul Ryan and not regret it.”

Worried Girl in line to see Michelle Obama: “What if we walk in and they’re just screening Liberal Arts?”

  • That same girl, later on: “I just wish I was a man … fuck you, America.”

Already Stoned Guy in WiggleGround: “Hey, do you want to go drop acid?”

  • Nervous Prospie (who had never met Already Stoned Guy before): “Ummm, no, I’m alright … thanks, though.” Continue reading