10 o’clock list: 5 Tiny Things in Academia


A tiny thing in academia? No comment.

Kenyon is a small place where people think big thoughts. If you’re a first year, Kenyon may still seem like a big place where you’re panicked, because omigodliterallyeverybodyisthinkingbigthoughtsbutme. But what about the little things we think about in academia everyday? Certainly the tiny guy is important too. Here are a few mini items of monumental power:

1. A Lemma-  Executive Editor Jack Quigley ’16 tells us, “A lemma is a small proof–it usually will either be a minor adjustment or addition to an existing proof, or it will be a small proof to serve as a building block for a much larger proof.” Psh. Knew it. But why did the math lords have to call it a lemma? Because now I have an image of Scrappy Doo punching the air at a math villain, yelling “lemma at it!” I feel like my big thoughts are getting smaller.  Continue reading